A new competition reality show is looking for contenders. TNT is now casting for The Great Escape. The Great Escape is now looking for 2 person teams to compete in Los Angeles.

The perfect, two-person team would be energetic, confident and competitive!We are looking for teams that are ready for the ultimate rush to try and win a huge cash prize!!!

From the producers of television’s The Amazing Race, and Ron Howard, the director of The DaVinci Code, comes a new heart stopping competition show from TNT called The Great Escape. The series is a competition between teams of two to see who, through a series of clues, can be the first to crack the code and…Escape!

If this sounds like you or someone you know (feel free to submit with more than one partner) email the following info to: (greatescapecasting@gmail.com)

- Name (you and your partner)
- Relationship with partner
- Ages
- Phone Numbers
- Email Addresses
- Recent photos (of you and your partner, together or separate)
- Why you two would be great for the show
- Why you two need the $$$

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2 Responses to TNT – The Great Escape

  1. Alisa Nicolay and Derek Nicolay
    Newly weds. May 11, 2012
    Alisa 23 and Derek 27
    Alisa Nicolay 5

    Derek and I would be great for the show because he is a Marine. Derek is a veteran he was in Iraq defending our country as a front liner, a machine gunner for the USMC, he has great skills and strength. He has had plenty of close friends both survive and die defending our country. My whole family has been involved in every military branch.I.E. I am a military brat. My father was in the navy but retired wiuth the US Coast Guard. My uncle (father’s brother retired froimt he marines wi=hile my other uncle was a member of the navy and my aunt was in the army and my grandfather retired from the airforce.) My younger cousin Joshua Pope is very brave and and inspiration in the US Army. Just turned 21 years old. my family and husband are military and I am a college graduate. I have a BS in science for speech and hearing sciences, I will be applying for grad school this fall and any extra money would help us in this endeavor and my future goals. We would love to be able to star a family; I lost my brother through a rare genetic condition HCM. My brother died suddenly at the age of 20 (when I was only 18). there were no symptoms and we were all thoroughly shocked. I wish my husband could have met my very brave and funny brother, unfortunately that is not as possibly at this moment, but I love them both. I want everyone to be aware of this very serious scary disease. Becoming aware of my brother’s death was the worst moment of my life. My husbands Friend Sparks died last year during battle. I know that was very difficult for him to deal with. I was able to help him due to my own personal experiences and I know we can relate and inspire a large range of people to_carry on. Hypertrophic Cardi-;Myopoathy and dying during battle are both very real and difficult experiences to deal with. My husband has the training for this show and I have the knowledge to help him! I am smart but not as strong as my husband, hopefully this show will show us working well together…. not clashing on opinions. As I am VERY opinionated, however my husband is usually right:( WE each have our own smarts in different ways. I love mhy husband and I know he would love this competition. While I am not great under pressure I know my husband will be amazing! HOORAH. Myt husband was raised in Tucson while I was raised on the east coast. I love our differences of opinion ; ie the east coast is the best and I would love to move back to VA, while my husband was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. We love each other and believe in the same things but were raised in completely diff places. Hey we differ East Coast VS West Coast but hopefully we can preform as one. we Have pictures At http://wilsonhenry.photoreflect.com/store/Orderpage.aspx?pi=0L5E00D5010001&po=1&pc=118 my maiden name is Berg if that helps the password issue. My Husband would be super surprised if you picked us! But hey that’s the point but lets surprise him! he will do amazing…. I will be his henderance but that is why he married me, I think! lol Pick US. My Husband would I think be excited.. lol

  2. KATRINA KOSKA says:

    Where do I submit an application for The Great Escape?

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