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Tattoo Nightmares – Tattoo Redo

How bad is your tattoo? Are you sorry you ever got that ugly tattoo and now wish that you had a second chance? A new reality show wants to hear from people who have really, really, really bad tattoos.

Do you have your ex’s name tattooed on you arm?
Did you use really poor judgement when choosing an artist?
Is it just completely screwed up?

Is it time for a redo?

Tattoo Nightmares – Waking up from 1 terrible tattoo at a time!

Crazy ex-relationships, drunken dares and college nights, there are many instances where a decision made can haunt you for the rest of your life, especially if it is made permanent in ink.

High school sweetheart not so sweet anymore? Sick of your husband, Steve, asking you who “John” was? Flash art lost its flare? Wish it were still the days when tribal tattoos were cool? Did you find out what that Japanese symbol on your shoulder actually means? Tramp stamp tattoo not fit the prude you?

You lived the memory, you loved the ink and now it has lost its luster.

Do you or someone you know have a great story as to why you want to cover up your ink? Doron Ofir Casting is looking for people who made a mistake in ink and want the chance to re-do their tattoo.



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    10 Responses to Tattoo Nightmares – Tattoo Redo

    1. Todd Maselli says:

      I have a full left arm sleeve that needs fixed. I’m in art school and searching for my own apprenticeship, but I feel my low quality tattoo is holding me back. Help. Please. Thanks for your time.

    2. Amanda viney says:

      Hello my name is Amanda and I have the most awful tattoo in the world on the side of my neck. It is a cover up of my ex’s name. It looks like a heart with a whale tale coming out of each side of it and is SOLID black. Some people would say it looks like someone poured ink in there hand and smacked me on my neck. It makes me feel ugly and is no way to hide it. I’m embarrassed & made fun of. I watch the show faithfully and I have never seen miracles that before, they really change lives. It would be my dream to able to have the best tattoo artist on the world change my life. So please consider me for the show. I’m sure you have never seen a tattoo as bad as mine. I am from Ohio, & would love to come to L.A. Please help me put this awful, devastating, memory a part of my past. Thanks so much and hope to here back from you.

    3. dianem47@cox.net white says:

      I got a nasty looking tat of a wolf howling at the moon with tribal. He did my right shoulder. It is all turquoise all the color vanished. My hard ass days are over. I would love to have some thing pretty to show to my 3 little grand kids. I am disabled so I can’t afford it anyone around here, I love wolves but flowers or what ever would work.

    4. Traver Clemmons says:

      I have a tattoo on my right arm. I was told never have name of ex put on you. Well I didn’t but instead I have three dice, one a with a five, a two, and a six with a banner underneath that reads 2005. The date and a year a girl said yes to going out with me. We got engaged but are no longer together we did have a beautiful girl who is now five. Years later, I met the love of my life and I’m now married and I know my wife doesn’t like seeing it. People ask me the meaning and it sucks having to tell them. Me and my wife are expecting another baby I’d like something with my kids names incorporated. So bottom line a tattoo with the date a girl said yes to going out with you is worse then their name in my eyes. Please help me!

    5. Donna Longo says:

      I got my first tattoo when I was 18. An awesome purple dragon on my chest. I was on a road trip in Kansas by an artist known only as The Gypsy. I love this piece but 15 years later, the sun and mother nature have had their way with it. This is my first and favorite piece so a cover up is out of the question. I would just love to have it look new again. I have had artists tell me it can’t be done but i believe it can. I would love for it to look as great as it did when it was new. I have a great rack and this aging tattoo makes me look an old lady. Please help me restore my chest to greatness.

    6. Angelina says:

      Hey there my name is Angelina and I am a mother of three. I know you guys are looking more for people who got tattoos that they regret or just made a bad choice. I don’t have one of those stories but I think what I have is still a good story that involves a tattoo the seriously needs to be redone. When I was 16 yrs old my mom took me to get my first tattoo at this time the tattoos on your lower back were not yet trademarked as tramp stamps. Otherwise I would have picked a different area of my body! :) I got this tattoo and for starters realized right then and there that I love the whole tattoo experience and couldn’t wait to get more. But the first issue was the tattoo artist had me lie down to get this tattoo done therefore not stretching the skin tight. So as you can guess this tattoo had scaring in it right from the jump. Everything was fine until I had to have five back surgeries in the last 4 yrs! My tattoo has been cut in half five times from the cuts made for the surgeries and each time the surgeon tried very hard to match it back together. But because there were so many surgeries done it now has a huge, thick, and disgusting scar right through the center. Which in my eyes makes this tattoo horrible to look at! In the summer I avoid wearing a two piece bathing suit so that way I can hide this monstrosity and not being embarrassed from the stares. I so much want to get this tattoo redone and cover not only the original tattoo but also the huge scar on my back. I think tattoos are a great way for someone to express themselves and so much want to be able to enjoy this great work of art on my back. I would love to be chosen for the show so that I can work with a very talented tattoo artist and we can come up with a beautiful piece of art to cover up this ugly thing I have on my back now! I absolutely HATE what I have back there now and would love the chance to have this fixed. Please consider me for the show! Thank you.

    7. Shannan whitlaw says:

      Hi, I’m Shannan. I’m 31. When I was 17, I went behind my mom’s back and got a tattoo. I heard from a friend at school she knew someone who does tattoos for 15 bucks. Me being 17, I was excited to hear that. I asked to have an ankh, because I loved that it was a symbol of life. It was a homemade tattoo gun done in a cold garage. It spans over my lower back. I absolutely HATE IT. I am extremely into my Irish culture and I’m hoping to make it into a beautiful Celtic tattoo. Please consider me. Love Shannan.

    8. Alexzandra says:

      Hello, Im Alex for short, 5’9 blond, blue eyes. I’m 21 years and for the first 18 years of my life i grew up as a bible thumper (many would call it) along side my christian parents (whom i love). Since I was about 12 i wanted to be a model with wing tattoos and such, which was completely wrong in my parents views. So, of course, when i turned 18, i had huge wings tattoo’d on my back. I still love my wings and it represents so many things for me but ill get to the point. To ease and please my folks i had a huge cross tattoo’d right in the middle of my wings. Its huge. It drives me nuts because I’m a realist. Its a huge false image on my back and I’m not one for false images anymore. Please, please, please, help me! It would be a great highlight of one of your shows and lots of skin to do some great colorful artwork on. I have a few ideas we could throw in there but i know you all are great at what you do and could help me fall in love with some ideas! Pretty please!

    9. LaGina Lell says:

      My name is Lagina and I’m 27 years old. About 15 years ago my grandpa dies of cancer. While he was on his death bed he told me I was his angel. My grandpa meant everything to me, so to honor him I wanted to get angel wings tattooed on my back. So when I first went and got them done they turned out looking like flag poles and entirely to small. So I decided to go to someone else and get them bigger. So the next time I went I spent almost three hours there and only left with a shitty out line of only one wing. He told me to come back in a week and we would do the other one. I was a little bit hesitant after seeing the work but didn’t want the other one to look way different. So when I went back I was informed that my tattoo artist had died of a heart attack. So doin exactly what I didn’t want to do I went to someone else. This time I went to one of my friends who I thought had always done good work. So I got the other outline done and was gonna go back in a couple days to continue on the work. Well when I checked out the work I realized he put color in the tattoo which I had asked him not to do. So when I went back this time I was told he was in jail. So now I am left with two terrible outlines one in black and white one in color. I wanted this to represent this perfect man that I loved so much and this tattoo doesn’t do that. It’s a complete embarrassment. If you could help me out this would completely change my life, and I would forever be grateful. Thanks for listening

    10. michael mendenhall says:

      My name is michael and I got my first tattoo, it’s a tribal on my left arm and it is not good at all. I have work done to try and fix it but it is a reminder of a bad person who did a very bad thing. I would like to cover it because every time I look at it it makes me think of this man. Te man who put this tattoo on my arm raped a person. I used to work with and I have to deal with this by looking at this ugly thing on my arm and want it gone, can you help me out and put something there that I can show off to everyone, thanks for your time.

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