Are you a fabulous woman 21 to 35 that has 50+ lbs. to lose? If so, a new weight loss reality show may be interested in talking to you.

Do you wish you could lose 50-85 pounds overnight?
Do you want to show off your new body?
Were you bullied in high school and want to be thin for your reunion?
Are you tired of not being able to fit into your favorite designer’s clothes?
Were you rejected from a sorority because you didn’t fit the image?
Were you always last picked for sports in school?
Did you miss out on a job opportunity because of your weight?
Do you have sisters who have always been thinner than you?
Were you rejected from the cheer-leading squad because you couldn’t fit in the uniform?
Are you tired of being the overweight girl in your group?

Let US help YOU live the life you’ve been dreaming about! Just think…you could be in that teeny weeny bikini by the end of summer if you APPLY NOW!

If you have the weight to lose then OUR TOP NOTCH TRAINERS AND NUTRITION STAFF WANT TO HELP YOU LOSE IT on this show for a Major Cable Network.

Seeking big personalities with great stories.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions and think this is a show for you, please send me an email with:

Your name, your age, current photos (head shot and full body shot), current height/weight and a bit about you and your life. Tell us why you need our help and the first thing you’d do as a SKINNIER YOU!


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    8 Responses to Casting Weight loss Show

    1. Douglas Jude Wilson says:

      My son wants to loose weight and has been large every since five years old. He is 18 now. He had to have two chairs at school and didn’t want to go to school so we had a lot of legal issues most pertaining to his weight and need for clothes, hygiene products and so we couldn’t always help him. He was mostly wearing suits as a young man because no clothes his size would fit him and than he would come home tearing his pants and getting teased at school. So his primary problem is laying in his bed. Now his beds are broken, gone and he has to sleep on a couch but now we have no couch, it is broken in. So he asked me to help him to get him into a show but it’s not looking good for him. He really wants to spend time before he gets worse to have a young man’s life and dance with a girl! I am his mother and I was under weight and recently been working on gaining weight and it is working for me. Thank you for any support and or connections to other productions that can help him amen. Pilahmiyah Junal Gerlach and son Douglas Jude Wilson 18 years old, he weighs 480.

    2. Maka says:

      Please send me a email and let me know is this offer still open to submitting my info. I really need this show. Thanks, maka burns

    3. Cindy Paquette says:

      Hello my name is Cindy and I would tremendously like to be on a weight loss Tv program to help jump start a new me. I am 35yrs young with a great personality that loves to laugh and help others laugh as well. I am about 130lbs overweight and have been burdened by it since childhood.
      I have never been on a Tv reality show or even applied for one so this is kinda scary for me and I hope I’m giving the right info for you and that I’m not too late for applying.
      Thank you so much for your time.

    4. Callie Lee says:

      I am 27, a wife and mother of 2 girls. My lexi who is 2 and Mia who is 1. I have been a thicker girl sense high school, when i stopped playing sports because I didn’t have the self confidence to continue. I use to play basketball and softball as a child but i wasn’t the fastest runner and was really discouraged by my family and peers so I just quit. I packed on some weight in college but the most weight of course is after I had 2 children in about 2 years. I am also a stay at home mom and that has really packed on the weight. I am actually bigger now than i was when I was 9 months pregnant with either one of my girls. I am 5 foot 2 and I currently weigh 226 pounds. I can’t even tie my shoes without getting winded. I have to litterly tie one shoe as fast as I can and then sit up to take a deep breath before I go down to tie the other. I have psorisis and it has gotten much worse with the extra weight i have put on. Also I have started snoring which my husband has started complaining about, he actually has to go sleep in the living room to get a decent night sleep and I didn’t snore when he first met me. I know its the extra weight i am carring. I have chest pains often, I battle depression, I have high anxiety, I don’t sleep well, I am always tired, I have NO energy to be the wife and mother that God created me to be…I need help!!! I want to play with my girls on the floor, I want to run and jump with them, I want to feel sexy for my husband, I want to go close shopping without crying in the dressing room because i am so discusted with what i see in the mirror. The first thing I would do as a skinner me is run a marathon. At one point in my weight loss attempts I started something called couch to 5K and had to quit after 3 weeks because my knees were so swollen I couldn’t walk and hold my children at the same time. I was told by a physical therpist that I needed to get this weight off before i attempt running again. (can’t find the place to insert a picture)

    5. aspen mobley says:

      I have been overweight ever since I can remember. Through junior high and high school, I could tell what people thought of me and what they said behind my back. Even though I was constantly in sports I still couldn’t lose the weight I wanted and even needed. Even my family looks at me different because I’m bigger. I have 2 sisters and both of them are skinny and pretty. Growing up they would make fun of me, they even made up songs about how I was huge and would eat a lot. My mom is always worried that I am going to get sick because of my weight and keeps telling me I need to work on losing it. I hate how people look at me and seem like hey are judging me based on my size, I feel as of o have a great personality I’m fun ans outgoing. At 21 years old, I’m 5’11 and 245 pounds. Even when I’m in a relationship my boyfriends tell me that I need to lose weight and point out how much better looking some of the other girls are. I really want to lose this weight not only for my looks but for my family and my health.

    6. I am a young mother, with big dreams of being a super model, very photogenic, although I havent been able to get the weight off. I would like to lose at least 35-50 lbs. Ive been told my entire life I should model, but life got the best of me. Gave birth to my now three year old daughter at 18. I didnt have that body that snapped back into place after having my daughter. I have tried every kind of diet there is but just cant seem to get the weight off. I have always been on the thicker side, never been a skinny girl, but i have never been this big. I know i am a beautiful woman but i am unhappy with this weight. I dont just wanna be the girl with the pretty face, i want my body back! I need this opportunity, to jumpstart my career, to get my confidence back, to be me again!!! Please consider me for this show.

    7. Nicole Rothchild says:

      I am a 21 year old college student. I have been battling my weight for as long as I could remember. I am currently at my highest of 233 lbs.and my height is 5’3 .When I was younger I attended a weight loss camp and could not keep the weight off. There is no way I ever planned on getting this big. I was a cheerleader for years and then I had to stop because I was too embarrassed by my weight to stand in front of a crowd and get made fun of. I have tried everything from pills to working out and having a healthy lifestyle of it works. I even work in a gym but I never seem to be able to do it right. I don’t believe this will be east but I know I am willing to work hard. Please help me to finally get to a healthy weight for my age able to live like a normal 21 year old.

    8. Joy Sweeney says:

      For me I began gaining weight around the age of 9 and steadily as I grew older my weight increased, now before I started gaining weight I had to be the skinniest little girl you’d ever see. But, when I started puberty it all changed, and whats strange is that i’m a really picky eater, some sweets that others will eat, but I won’t because it get uncomfortably stuck to my teeth or it’s too sweet. I am at least 300lbs and i’m only 22 years old. I just want to live my life before I’m too old and obese to enjoy it.

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